Why do we need Early Spring Plants

Spring pollen is very important for colonies to build up and Queen laying.

The Hypopharyngeal glands are crucial to the honey bee and to the survival of the colony.

Without a good supply of pollen the young workers cannot produce Royal Jelly from their
Hypopharyngeal glands which is needed to:

  • feed the Queen to produce their maximum ovaries or they will be small and not produce so many bees.
  • feed the Young Worker Brood to ensure a good build-up of the colony
  • feed the Young Drone Brood to produce good large Drones for mating

If Pollen is in short supply in early Spring you can feed the colony Pollen Supplements or Pollen Substitutes. These are made in the form of patties encased in waxed paper or in plastic bags to maintain moisture.

Pollen Supplement and Pollen Substitute