DON’T PANIC – Swarms won’t attack you, as long as you don’t start flapping near them making them think you want to attack them. They are just looking for somewhere new to live and are more calm than when in a nest.

How do I know if I have a swam of honey bees?20130625_110141

If it is not Honey Bees you have, e.g. wasps, bumble bees or something else, then you have two options:

  1. Leave them where they are –
    • Bumble bees nests only last a few weeks in summer and you can close/fill the hole after they go
    • Unless its in position which is often walked past, issues should be rare.
  2. Call a pest controller

For bee nests in buildings and chimneys please contact Roy Hardwicke (professional builder and beekeeper) 01245 225950 or email hardwickebuild@aol.com

The following members of the Harlow division collect swarms, all are members of the British beekeepers association


For Harlow and surrounding areas Honey Bee Swarm collection (sorted by postcode):

Name Locale Postcode Home number Mobile Number
Peter Aston Leadon Roding CM6 1RE  07850 920490
Nick Holmes Harlow CM17 0DL 01279 413368 07730 735752
Colin Porcher Harlow CM17 OBB 01279 429302 07885 527745
David Swindale Tye Green Village CM18 6QY 01279 425215
Eddie Smith Harlow CM18 6JT 07947 603419
James Everton Roydon CM19 5JB 01279 792740 07979 976709
Danny Nicoll Harlow CM19 5NU 01279 420679 07956 943512
Piers Bryant Gilston Park CM20 2RG 01279 635198 07519 699923
Anna Piatkowska Sawbridgeworth CM21 0AE 01279 724235 07721 056828
Trevor Jones Sawbridgeworth CM21 0HS 01279 600248
Ann Bryant High Wych CM21 0JT 01279 726406 07849 915805
David Tyler Hatfield Heath CM22 7EE 01279 730228
Michael Morgan Back Lane CM22 7NF 01279 725164 07887 688807
John Grover Spellbrook CM23 4AU 01279 724257
Frank Harrison Brickendon SG13 8VT 01992 511202 07831 300505

Collection Coordinator : David Swindale –  T: 01279 425215

We collect / remove honey bee swarms from all round Harlow; Hallingbury, Sheering, Hatfield Heath, Sawbridgeworth,  Roydon, Matching, Nazing, Hastingwood, Ongar, Thornwood, North Weald, Hatfield Broad Oak, White Roding, etc. We have collectors generally covering the postcodes, CM6, CM16, CM17, CM18, CM19, CM20, CM21, CM22, CM23, SG11, SG13, AL7.

Most of these beekeeper can also be seen on the British Beekeepers Assoc. Swarm collector page