Welcome to Harlow Beekeeping Division, part of the Essex Beekeepers Association (Reg. Charity 1031419).

Please note all meetings are suspended until further notice due to Covid-19 concerns.

Learn to keep bees

Unfortunately this is suspended due to Covid-19.

Our new 2021 Beginning Beekeeping course is here here click through for details

How can we help?

Maybe you have come to us today because you have a swarm, maybe you would like to start beekeeping or join our group, or maybe you’d just like to see what you can do for bees and grow some plants they might like – well throughout the year we run events where you can find us and chat to us. If you can’t find what you want then feel free to drop us a line and we’ll be happy to help.

The group

Our objectives are to promote and further the craft of beekeeping. We encourage and assist beekeepers to keep their honeybees in good condition and be aware of the needs and problems of their honeybees.

Many of our members have had years of practical beekeeping and their experience is a valuable resource. Our members show great dedication and enthusiasm and are eager to pass on their knowledge in this craft.

We have active email group discussions about beekeeping and meet once a month for demonstrations, lectures and discuss how we are getting on. We also have a monthly newsletter with news of the division, upcoming events and what to expect from your bees this month.

IF you can’t find what you’re after here then maybe you could try our parent association’s webpage Essex Beekeepers Association where there are other events and divisions with information too.

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