Joining Bee Base

Under the rules of the Essex Beekeeping Association, of which you are a member, you are required to register your hives with BeeBase – the National Bee Unit’s database of hive locations.

The purpose of this is to help protect all our hives from disease outbreaks and to give the best advice to beekeepers with regard to bee health.


1. Go to this Registration link and create yourself as a new user account – following the process that will send you an email to confirm.
2. Once you are registered go to ‘My apiaries‘  and then ‘ Add Apiary

 – if you are already registered but not logged in it may get you to login and then take you to the homepage – if this  is the case then on the logged in homepage go to “Go to my records” on the bottom of the links on the left hand side, and from there you can see the “My Apiaries” link on the left hand side

3. Fill in the details of your apiary location. You don’t have to work out the apiary map reference yourself, simply click on the map provided and zoom in and re-position the marker.

IF you do not feel you would like to trust the location of your hives with a government body PLEASE still carry this process out and mark a different location near your hives so that you will still get disease warnings.

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