DON’T PANIC – Swarms won’t attack you, as long as you don’t start flapping near them making them think you want to attack them. They are just looking for somewhere new to live and are calmer than when in a nest.

How do I know if I have a swam of honey bees?

If it is not Honey Bees you have, e.g. wasps, bumble bees or something else, then you have two options:

  1. Leave them where they are – Bumble bees nests only last a few weeks in summer and you can close/fill the hole after they go. Unless its in position which is often walked past, issues should be rare.
  2. Call a pest controller

For bee nests in buildings and chimneys please contact Jack Male on 07562108883 and /or 07896105446 or call Info@trackerpestcontrol.co.uk

Beekeepers are only insured to collect honey bees, they are not insured to handle bumble bees, wasps or  other types of bees – are there are questionable legalities relating to disturbing / moving these also.

If you have honey bees look on our swarm collectors page

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